Hi there! I'm Adelaide Penne. I'm a romance writer based in the Philippines. I love dogs, dresses, chocolate, and singing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading and working, or watching TV. And when I can manage it, I try to sleep.

I dreamed of writing since I was young, and after years of starting (but never ending) manuscripts, I finally managed to finish four in less than a year.

I also love technology, and I love to explore how it can make my life better or interesting, and how it can help me keep track of my different tasks everyday, all-year round. I love to play around with different operating systems and software. I also enjoy customizing my gadgets to my heart's content, several times a year. I read no less than four tech websites every day, and I keep trying to find new mobile apps to try. :)

You can get in touch with me through social media or my email :)