If you have any questions, I hope I can answer them here!

How do you pronounce Penne?

It's pronounced as Pen. :)

Do you have other books coming up?

I hope so! I have a lot of other things going on write now, but the idea for Ensyang's story is running through my mind often, I just have to finalize my initial thoughts and get to writing them down!

Is Marcia/Beatrice/Ensyang based on you or a real-life character?

Oh honey, I wish I was one of the three girls, but I lead a pretty ordinary life, with the occasional exciting getaway here and there. And I'm definitely not wealthy.

Who's your peg for your love interest? Can I meet him?

Haha! My peg is imaginary, but if I meet someone like him, I just might try to snag him for myself.

Can we contact you for an interview/guest post/feature?

Sure thing! Just send me an email or tweet, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Is Finding Mr. Write available elsewhere?

It's available via Amazon and Buqo for now.